It Looks Like A Pimple On His Head, But What They Pulled Out Shocked Them

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee — best known as Dr. Pimple Popper — has netted more than three million YouTube subscribers with her videos of pimple pops. One of her latest uploads, first shared on Monday, features a pilar cyst lodged in a woman’s scalp. With Lee’s surgical expertise and some numbing medication, the removal is swift and satisfying. Near … Read more

If You Put A Cotton Ball With VapoRub in Your Ear All Night, Here’s The Surprising Effect!

Vicks VapoRub is a bit of an institution as far as over-the-counter medicine is considered, perhaps because it functions so differently from other types of nonprescription treatments. Whereas medicine these days is usually contained in pills or effervescent tablets, Vicks treats your ailments with vapors. Bridie Cavanaugh at eHow says camphor, eucalyptus oil and menthol, … Read more

Identifying Estrogen Dominance In The Body And Treating It

Estrogen has always been neglected as being the little sister of testosterone. But recently scientists recognized the danger posed by an excess of estrogen in the body. It is important to flush out the excess hormone from the body. 1. An imbalance in the progesterone and estrogen hormones causes irregular periods. Estrogen levels spike excessively, … Read more

Remove Blackheads With One Simple And Effective Trick

Every individual, and especially women dreams about a clear, healthy and radiant skin, as it makes us look beautiful and attractive. Yet, there is one thing that comes between this dream and us- blackheads. They are tiny pimples which contain no skin. Therefore, when they are exposed to moisture and air, they are easily oxidized … Read more

Put Salt in Your Shampoo Before Showering. This Simple Trick Solves One of the Biggest Hair Problems

We are all used to buy cosmetic products for treating hair issues and improving the hair health. However, these products and treatments are expensive, full of chemicals, and provide only temporary results. Instead of using artificial products, you should use a simple and safe ingredient we all have in our homes- salt. Using salt for … Read more


Milia is a group of white, small, solid, keratin filled cysts. Those cysts are forming under the skin when the keratin remains stuck below its surface. Keratin actually is a very strong protein that is found in the tissues of the skin cells, nails and hair. These cysts are large or strange looking , similar … Read more

6 Things That Happen When You Don’t Shower

Every woman wants to look perfect. That’s why we all make a lot of effort to stay clean, healthy and beautiful. Many women visit their cosmetologists, attend a gym regularly and eat healthy foods. When it comes to looking great every detail is important. That’s why it’s necessary to keep your body clean. However, there … Read more