Woman Scrubbed Her Nose With Her Toothbrush: When You See The Result And You Will Do It Too!

A toothbrush and toothpaste most people used to brush their teeth! However, you will use even more toothpaste and toothbrush on your nose or any other place on the face when you read how much it helps to fight the blackheads.

The familiar black spots on the nose and face are nothing more than a sebaceous gland blocked by sebum. They are black because they collect dust, remnants of cosmetics, dividing the epidermis.

By itself, these blackheads, apart from their unaesthetic nature, have no harmful effect. Problems arise when they start to inflame, or when the infection starts.

Therefore, the blackheads should be eliminated on time and regularly, preferably by non-aggressive methods, which would not traumatize the skin.

We suggest a method for painless removal of the blackheads, which will help reduce the skin pores, excess oil of the skin and prevent acne.


The recipes for this treatment are variable. From brushing your skin without the addition of paste, and to make your own natural toothpaste specially for the nose.

You probably already know that a common toothpaste is an ideal ally in the fight against pimples. There is no girl who has not slept at least once with a dot of paste on pimple to dry out. So there is no reason to doubt that it will be equally effective and against blackheads.

All you have to do is to warm nose, or some other part of the face that is problematic, in order to open the pores. Then mix a little baking soda, toothpaste and water and create something that resembles the liquid glue.

Apply the mixture to the nose and rub it all with the toothbrush. Keep in mind that for this you need to have a separate brush (not the one that normally washes your teeth) and that it should have a little softer fiber.

When you’re done with the treatment, simply rinse the skin. Repeat this procedure every other day.

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