Home Remedies To Reduce Water Retention

Edema is swelling caused by excessive fluids accumulated in your body’s tissues. Even though edema can affect any part of your body, it usually occurs in the legs, feet and the torso.

It causes swelling in the affected body parts as well as stiff joints, weight gain, and increased blood pressure and pulse.

There are many environmental factors which can cause water retention including high weather temperatures, contraceptives, high altitudes, medications, eating too much salt, physical inactivity, and vitamins deficiency.

However, it can be also caused by internal factors like stress, poor circulation, dehydration, pregnancy, allergies, thyroid diseases, high blood pressures, liver and vein disorders as well as heart and kidney problems.

So, today, we have 10 water retention remedies that can help you to effectively resolve the accumulation of excess fluids and reduce the swelling caused by water retention.

1: Parsley

Parsley is one of the most effective remedies for water retention. You should add a couple of teaspoons of dried parsley in a cup of water. Boil it until it starts vaporizing then let it cool for 10 minutes. Consume this tea 3 times a day until you see some results. You can also mix fresh parsley with lemon juice and drink this.

2: Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another remedy that is significantly effective and can flush excess fluid and toxins from your body. Add a few tablespoons of lemon juice in a cup and mix it with warm water. You can also add honey to taste. Consume this tea until you see some improvements.

3: Epsom Salt

Epsom salt bath can help you to eliminate bloating and resolve the water retention through a process known as reverse osmosis. It eliminates the excess fluids from your body as well as the accumulated toxins.

This bath will help you to relax, calm your nerves and soothe your body. You should add 2 cups of Epsom salt in your warm bath and soak yourself for 15 minutes. Repeat this procedure every second day.

4: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can supply your body with potassium, thus reducing sodium levels. It is well known that sodium retains water in the organism. You should add 1 teaspoon of ACV into a glass of water and drink this two times a day.

You can increase the dosage of ACV by an additional tablespoon per glass.  Can use the apple cider vinegar to soak your feet in it. Mix warm water and ACV and soak your feet in it for 10 minutes. Besides helping in the case of fluid retention, this will also reduce the feet odor.

5: Fennel Seeds

Fennel can act as a powerful diuretic and can increase the production of urine in the body. It can prevent accumulation of toxins in the body and help with digestion.

Boil 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds in hot water. Boil until the water reaches its boiling point. Cover the cup and let it cool for 10 minutes. Remove the remains from the tea. It is recommended to consume this tea 3 times a day.

6: Stinging Nettle Root

Stinging Nettle possesses natural properties that can increase the production of urine in the human body. It can resolve water retention in the body. Boil 1 teaspoon of nettle root in a cup of water. Let it cool for 10 minutes. You should consume this tea a few times a day.

7: Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice can help you reduce water retention. It has the ability to speed up the production of urine in the body and it is a great source of minerals including calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

You should drink 1 cup of cranberry juice on a daily basis in order to treat your water retention problems. You can also take cranberries in pill form.

8: Aromatherapy

The essential oil is another remedy that can effectively treat water retention. Aromatherapy can stimulate the lymphatic system, thus encouraging drainage of fluids.

The most effective oils for water retention are geranium, juniper, and cypress essential oil. Put 20 drops of each in your hot bath and soak yourself for 10 minutes, every second day.

9: Dandelion

Dandelion can help you to effectively eliminate excess water from the body. Many studies showed that dandelion can help in the production of urine in the body. It is a great source of potassium, known for having the ability to reduce sodium in the body.

Dandelion is also packed with magnesium that is very effective for reducing premenstrual bloating. Add 1 teaspoon of dried dandelion leaves in warm water for 10 minutes. Remove the herbs and consume this tea a few times a day. There are also dandelion pills.

However, it is very important to consult your doctor before you decide to use dandelion tea or other herbal remedies because there is a chance to encounter interference with certain drugs. Just add a teaspoon of few dried dandelion leaves in warm water for about 10 minutes. Remove the herbs and enjoy this tea several times a day.

10: Onion

Onions can cleanse your blood and increase the production of urine in the body. They are extremely effective in preventing kidney stones. Peel a few onions, add 4 cups of water and boil them. Add salt to the mixture for better taste. You should consume 3 cups of this solution a day, for the next few days.

Make sure to consume more bananas, pineapples, cucumbers, watermelon, cabbage, celery, and watercress. They will increase the production of urine, thus eliminating retained water.

Also, it is very important to drink plenty of water during the day since dehydration can cause water retention, exercise regularly and limit the consumption of salt and alcohol.

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